Doctor: First Three People to Treat Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter at Hospital Were Jews


The first three people to treat Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers at Allegheny General Hospital were Jewish, the president of the hospital revealed in a television interview that aired on Monday.

“We are here to take care of sick people,” Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, who is also a member of the Tree of Life synagogue where the massacre of 11 worshipers took place, said. “We’re not here to judge you. We’re not here to ask, ‘Do you have insurance or do you not have insurance?’ We’re here to take care of people who need our help.”

The 46-year-old Bowers — who was wounded in a gunfight with police before he was arrested — appeared in a federal courtroom and was ordered held without bond for the deadliest attack ever on America’s Jewish community.

The Algemeiner Journal



  1. Why do I have no doubt that if he was able to kill these doctors he would have. Once someone hates so deeply you can’t but their love


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