Do You Want To Merit Kabbalas Hatorah The Whole Year?


tamchin-doraisaEarly Shavous morning, The Zviller Rebbe ran out from his room and clutched his gabbi Rav Ellya Roth. “Did you hear that?” he asked. The Gabbai returned a puzzled look and shook his head no. The Rebbe said, “Let’s answer Na’aseh V’nishmahbecause a Bas Kol just called out asking, who wants to accept the Torah again this year?!”

Every year this voice calls out again, but this year are we really ready to accept the Torah? How can we accept the yoke of the Torah while forgetting those that learn and reaccept the Torah every day?

Bnei Torah are accustomed to living on meager kollel stipends – checks that barely cover the food and rent bills. Currently, with the economic crisis facing our country, and the cutbacks in Israeli government aid, kollelim are months behind in their payments. Kollel families are living with little or no income and they are lacking basic necessities. Now, too, the Torah Jews of Eretz Yisrael are sacrificing comfort for Torah. Yet, they are constantly learning and they will continue to learn, because Torah is their life – and ours. And their burden should be ours, too.

Tamchin D’Oriasa: Supporters of Torah

Tamchin D’Oraisa, “Supporters of Torah” whom our sages credit with sustaining the world, was founded by a group of activists in 2002 as a reponse to the Gedolim’s cries to help the kollelim in Eretz Yisrael. The Gedolim in America wrote, “In wake of the current situation in Israel and cutbacks in their essential funding, the great houses of study… are threatened for erosion chas v’shalom… Who cannot tremble when the Sefer Torah is in need of rescue and assistance?”

The Zohar in Parshas Vayishlach explains that the Sar shel Esav wanted to destroy the Torah (Yaakov), but he saw that Hashem won’t allow him to do so.  Consequently, he picked the next best thing; the supporters of Torah, the Tamchin D’Oraisa. When Klal Yisrael is under attack the first target is the support of Torah. Those who are supporting and enabling the continuation of Torah learning are not only sustaining the world, but are fighting on the front lines.

Continuing the Mission

Tamchin D’Oraisa supports Torah study, by supporting Torah Scholars. We have rescued hundreds of Torah Scholars that were threatened to be left without a kollel due to the financial crisis by providing funds for their kollel check.  In the past 6 years, Tamchin D’Oraisa has sent close to $1,000,000 to over 25 kollelim supporting hundreds of scholars throughout Eretz Yisrael and we are determined to continue our mission!

This year let’s answer the Bas Kol to accept the Torah. Let Hashem hear our cry of Na’aseh V’nishmah by supporting Torah, supporting Tamchin D’Oraisa.

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  1. Who is behind this wonderful idea?
    Which Kollelim do they give money to?
    Is there a way for other Kollelim to apply for assistance from them?

  2. I know the askanim at Tamchin and they do a tremendous amount of good work. I would encourage everyone to give, even $18 to help this worthy cause.
    The situation in Israel is getting harder for Kollels and they are really helping.


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