DNC Asks All Staffers for Resignation Letters


In an ongoing effort to rearrange the Democratic National Committee following a crushing electoral defeat to now-President Donald Trump, the party’s organizational chairman Tom Perez has requested the resignation letters of all current staffers.

According to NBC News, the move comes partly without surprise—as major turnover is routine among party organizations—but it gives the new boss an opportunity to remake the DNC’s staffing and structure in the wake of its identity crisis. Staffers reportedly have until April 15 to submit their resignation. Read more at NBC NEWS.


  1. Identity crisis as in they don’t know if they’re male female or otherwise I thought that was their identity be whatever you want

  2. But when the Trump administration does the exact same thing with the corrupt Obama holdovers, these same bigot racists are all up in arms. The corrupt DNC must be dismantled forever.


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