Divrei Hesped by Yaacov Levin נ”י For His Brother Yisroel Z”L: Tonight Is Yisroel A”H and Elishiva’s A”H Vort”


Yaacov Levin נ”י gave a hesped for his brother Yisroel Z”L at the Shiva home earlier tonight:



  1. I don’t know where this amazing family gets their strength emuna and Bitachon from. I do know that it is rock solid. I don’t know the Levins but between the hespedim i watched and this hesped today there are tears running down my face. ReB Shaya I am in awe of you. My aleinu has changed since last week from what u spoke about. And today my packages to my own Tatty ZL who is in Shomayim and to THE TATTE in shomayim will change too starting with mincha. If just one person is impacted by your divrei Hesped to do Better than your message resonated appropriately. If no one else, I am changed due to your family. hamokom yenacheim eschem Bsoch shaar aveili tzion vyerushalayim.

  2. To commentor #1.

    My thoughts and feelings are replicated with your words. I too don’t know this family. Didn’t know Ari, Yisroel or Elisheva. Your words however are genuine pure and righteous. Words that pierce my heart and soul. We know it says דברים היוצאים מהלב נכנסים על הלב (I hope I wrote that correctly). Not being exactly religious, I find your words very touching as my dad has passed I lax my packages we yearns for that I haven’t sent him accordingly.

    Thank you for your (not only your divre hesped, but rather) your divre chizuk.

    May Hashem bless you with this awakening you brought about to others. I personally want to join in sending a package to him. Your family and especially Ari & Yisroel are very well deserving of it. Regretfully I didn’t know him. But blessed by this acquaintance – never too late.

    Perhaps a campaign should be publicized for more acts of kindness and goodness in his blessed memory. (I deliberately didn’t say a campaign should be instituted, for the heart has indeed started one. Just needs to be publicized properly, for that mention it)

    For all the above mentioned thoughts and feelings. May I join 1000’s of others in blessing you a true Nechama in its fullest. May we find comfort in the over load of packeges that many are secretly putting together that perhaps many won’t even know about.
    May you abe your family have the ultimate Nechama knowing that very soon we will be joined once again with Ari Yisroel Elisheva and millions of others with the coming of Moshiach very soon. Chazak my dear brothers and sisters. Be strong our redemption is coming.

  3. I put in my siddur the photo of Elisheva and Yisroel, and underneath I wrote the words “Shechinta BeGalusa.” As I begin to daven every morning, I look at the photo and read those words, and it has made a big difference in my davening. When I daven I focus on what Yisroel’s father said at the levaya in Eretz Yisrael. In order to help bring Mashiach, we have to feel the pain of Hashem Who doesn’t have a “home,” Who is in Galus with us. We have to cry for the Shechinah’s pain as much, if not more, as we cry for ourselves.
    To the Levin family – HaMakom yenacheim eschem b’soch shaar avalei tzion v’Yerushalayim. May Hashem continue to give you strength and bitachon, and may the years ahead only bring you simchos and besoros tovos b’ezras Hashem.

  4. To Michael, I was touched by your sincere thoughts and feelings. I’m a Rabbi of a Shul and I’d love to help you connect and send packages to your dad! Maybe the mods can allow us to contact one another to make it happen? In the zchus of the niftarim…


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