Divorces on the Rise in Israel


Despite a national fall in divorce rates during 2017, rabbinate figures indicate a steep increase in divorce rates in some religious towns.

10,674 couples divorced in Israel in 2017 compared to 10,825 a year earlier, a fall of one percent. This was partially because the rabbinate began to help couples resolve their differences before filing for divorce.

But divorces in Yerushalayim rose 9% from 725 divorces in 2016 to 788 divorces the following year, the largest numerical increase of any Israeli town.

The highest proportional increase in divorce was in Beitar Illit, where divorces rose by 61%. Kiryat Malachi and Tirat Hakarmel saw increases of 41% and 40%, while divorces in Ramat Hasharon and Gederah fell by 35% and 38%.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. The reason for divorce increase is the Internet. Many housewives who would of been more obedient are exposed to the sheker of the secular feminist world like never before. It’s out of control. Women today are not the same as twenty years ago.

  2. Men have a contractual biblical obligation to support their wives and families period. If he is unable due to whatever reason his wife can and likely should help out. The income she earns is the husbands to be used to fulfill his aforementioned obligation.

    There are some exceptions however they are few and far between and need to be dealt with in Bais Din by unpaid unbiased dayanim.

  3. Mr ghdc whoever you are I’ve lately been seeing a lot of posts from you and besides your amazing chutzpa against poskim and rabbonim you have no clue what you are talking about
    1. What does contractual have to do with biblical if it’s biblical then it dosnt have to be contractual etc. also a husband dosnt always have to support his wife ( there are numerous sugyas in Ksubas that discuss this at length) number 3 not all income belongs to the husband there are sugyas when he does not get maaseh yadayim etc….
    So when you write something please realize that these are long and complicated matters and don’t end off with words like “period”
    And where did you pick up that dayanim can’t get paid which is a whole sugya itself of Schar batalah
    I understand that you have an agenda as I saw from all your crazy posts on ffa but I think you are in over your head with topics you have no understanding for stick to your day job

  4. The ketuba obligated a husband to support his wife. This contract makes him obligated to support her financially. Period.

  5. Mr.Sova,

    Thanks so much for your constructive criticism. Rather than resorting to assaulting my character I invite you to have a open honest dialogue. I don’t profess to know however I am wise enough to seek out authentic Dass Torah and inquire. I can be reached at (718)473-6383




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