Divorced Fathers Protest In Tel Aviv Over Custody Rights


Dozens of divorced fathers demonstrated on Sunday night near the Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv, blocking the Kaplan Junction.

The fathers demanded equal parenting, protesting the fact that family and rabbinical courts preferentially grant custody to mothers, without regard for the quality of parenting or the children’s relationship with their parents.

They also protested the policy regarding child support, which almost never requires mothers to pay and charges fathers outrageous and untenable amounts. In addition, police and state prosecutors allow women to submit false accusations against men, with no consequences even for repeat offenders.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. I run a mediation firm based in Lakewood NJ and regrettably we in America have the same issue. I don’t have a recommendation as how to have it addressed other than having the tzibur implore their Rabbinim shlita to collaborate and formulate an effective method to resolve this gross injustice. I am happy to assist if it’s within my capabilities and can be reached at:

  2. They have many Organizations for divorced or “abused” women who need support, be it emotional, financial, Shabbaton’s, legal, etc… The men have nothing. No support. Nothing. Men are always wrong. All men are pigs. All men are evil. All men are irresponsible. All men are bad Fathers. All men are bums. Etc, etc… There is never a reason why a divorced Father should EVER see or speak to HIS children. As soon as a Father gets divorced, he should immediately be executed!

  3. The situation is getting worse because of feminism. The hate being thought to women against men is incredible. No wonder men are becoming women. They want to be safe.


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