Disgraceful: Watch Notre Dame Students Walk Out Of Commencement As Vice President Pence Begins To Speak.




  1. Scary. The next generation of degenerate humans with no respect for the people who came before them. There is a time and place for everything. If they treat the sitting Vice President of the United States that way, how do you think these punks treat their own parents? How do you think they’ll treat their own “partner”?

  2. Liberals have no manners a bunch of bigoted haters who always cry foul if you dare to insult them they r a bunch of low life’s we had more reason to despise obama and yet he never got this kind of treatment

  3. A list of names that walked out should be published so that they hopefully never get any job anywhere. Opinions are allowed. Chutzpah, especially in public is never allowed


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