“Disgraceful”: Hikind Slams Handling of Boro Park Attacker


NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) says he’s baffled by the handling of Farrukh Afzal, the 37-year-old who attacked two Orthodox Jews on Sunday. While the police initially charged Afzal with a Hate Crime, that charge was dropped and the attacker was granted an outrageously light bail despite being what Hikind describes as a danger to everyone.

“The attacker could have killed 62-year-old Lipa Schwartz, who he savagely beat for no reason,” says Hikind. “What if Mr. Schwartz hit his head on the road when he was knocked down and pummeled? The only thing that stopped the beating was the interference of a second man who was then, in turn, attacked. And now we have a witness who I personally know who says Afzal tried to hit him with a car just moments before he attacked Schwartz. Is this someone who should be walking around? Are we waiting for him to attack more people?

“The DA asked for a bail of $35,000. Why would the judge set it at only $15,000?

This indicates a lack of seriousness about the severity of the attacks. And prior to that, the circulation of stories that the victim was somehow culpable—that Mr. Schwartz did something to initiate the altercation and insight ‘road rage’—raises questions about some trying to downplay what surveillance footage clearly reflects. Afzal is dangerous!

“I have three constituents who are lucky to be alive. They want to know that this series of attacks is being taken seriously. And my community wants to know that a message will be sent to anyone else who wants to attack innocent people in our community. Regardless of the attacker’s motives, he should not be walking the streets!”



  1. When you have ultra-liberal officials, who are endorsed, flattered, voted for, and given $ by the professional chanfonim out there, what do you expect?

  2. Who is the Judge? Why dont we find out band when elections comes around make sure she does not get voted in again even though she is the first….

  3. Just imagine had the situation been the opposite way around and a Chasidshe had started beating up some random Muslim while screaming in Yiddish

    It would be a national (possibly even international) story with screams and condemnations pouring like water from all sides.

    • Anonymous October 17, 2018 at 1:06 pm
      Just imagine had the situation been ………..

      good morning!!!! thats galus!!!!! about time u realized!!!!
      [ofcourse at the same time- that beast should be arrested etc etc]

  4. Disgrace!!
    That’s what happens when you don’t vote.
    That’s what happens when there is not enough achdus.
    That’s what happens when taking money is more important then Torah values!!
    Only vote for true conservatives.
    Rav Miller said that the Republican Party is the party of Hashem. (Because they are more closely aligned with Torah values)

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