DISGRACE: UN Votes By Strong Majority To Condemn Israel Over Gaza Violence.


The UN General Assembly today adopted by a strong majority of 120 countries an Arab-backed resolution condemning Israel for Palestinian deaths in Gaza and rejected a US bid to put the blame on Hamas.

The resolution put forward by Algeria and Turkey on behalf of Arab and Muslim countries won 120 votes in the 193-member assembly, with 8 votes against and 45 abstentions.

An amendment presented by the United States condemning Hamas for “inciting violence” along the border with Gaza failed to garner the two-third majority needed for adoption.

Addressing the assembly, US Ambassador Nikki Haley dismissed the resolution as biased against Israel and accused Arab countries of trying to score political points at home by seeking to condemn Israel at the United Nations.

“For some, attacking Israel is their favorite political sport. That´s why we are here today,” said Haley. “I wish everyone supporting this one-sided resolution would put as much energy into encouraging President Abbas to the negotiating table,” she said.

The resolution deplored Israel’s use of “excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force” against Palestinian civilians and called for protection measures for Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank. Read more at THE NEWS.



  1. Why does the US government continue to fund this front group for the Palestinians with US tax dollars? I still don’t understand why the US needs the toilet called the UN? What tangible benefit does the US receive?

  2. It’s fairly scary to see how slanted so many of the world’s nations are. Is it anti semitism or is it the love of the underdog? Would any of these nations want their border breached in this way? Did the world react the same way when Saddam Hussein overtook Kuwait’s border? It’s strange!

  3. President Trump, you promised to drain the swamp. Why don’t you? The UN which is part of the swamp should be thrown out of the US.


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