Disaster Averted: Suicide Belt Fails To Go Off In Stabbing Attack Which Injured One


An attempted stabbing in Kikar Aiu”sh had left one injured. A larger tragedy was averted, however, as the perpetrator was armed with a suicide belt which failed to go off b”h.

The terrorist was shot by the authorities and died on scene.

{Matzav.com Israel News}


  1. Please let us know in advance that the content of this article includes graphic pictures that some might find disturbing. Where are your brains?

  2. reminds me of this week’s terrorist attack in new york–the bomb belt failed to detonate. besides being evil they are also incompetent chanukah is a time of miracles

  3. why are they schlepping the guy with a bomb on him??? They should clear the area and send in an EOD robot to “safely detonate” the bomb.

    • Why were all those photographers there before anything happened? Did they know in advance that someone was going to blow himself to smithereens?

      It was the Palestinian medical emergency personnel that were carrying him. As you can see, he was initially put into the back of a Palestinian ambulance. The IDF only came afterwards.


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