Dig For Clues In Etan Patz Cold Case Concludes At SoHo Building


etan-patz1Investigators concluded the dig at a building in SoHo today where they had been searching for clues in the disappearance of Etan Patz. The little boy was 6-years-old when he vanished in 1979 on his way to a school bus.

There’s been not official comment on what, if anything, was found.

Investigators hauled away a container filled with debris from the dig this morning. The container is being taken to a landfill on Staten Island, where it will be preserved.

Authorities are re-opening the shut block.

Law enforcement sources tell CBS 2 that investigators uncovered what they initially believed to be food bones and strands of hair. It is not yet clear if the hair is human or not.

This weekend, authorities also reportedly found a suspicious stain on a concrete wall inside the basement, but officials stressed they don’t yet know if it is human blood or just something chemical or organic.

The piece of wall is being sent to a FBI lab in Virginia for testing.

All of the findings are being examined by a forensic anthropologist with hope that new light will be shed on the decades-old disappearance of 6-year-old Patz.

“People who try to clean up crime scenes and leave this invisible blood behind, that’s revealed by luminol spraying,” explained forensics expert Dr. Lawrence Koblinksy.

Sources tell CBS 2 that no skeletal, teeth or other human remains have been found.

“Fundamentally, it’s about going through dirt, sifting, going carefully and looking for evidence,” said Jim Margolin with the FBI. “We’ll be done when we’re done.”

Over the weekend, Patz’s mother Julie emerged from the family’s nearby apartment asking for privacy.

Patz was officially declared dead in 2001 in a civil lawsuit filed against Jose Ramos. He is a convicted child anuser currently behind bars. His friend used to babysit Patz, but Ramos has denied killing the boy.

Now, handyman Othniel Miller is being considered a possible person of interest. The 76-year-old used part of the basement as a workplace in 1979 and often enlisted Patz’s help.

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