Did You Win? Powerball Numbers Drawn For $320 Million Jackpot


powerballFeeling lucky?

Thanks to there being no winner since June, the jackpot for Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing was $320 million.

The winning numbers from Wednesday’s drawing were: 6, 27, 46, 51, 56, Powerball 21.

Earlier in the day, dreamers hoping to become a multi-millionaire hit stores across the Tri-State Area, playing and thinking of what they’d do with the money if they win.

“I’d hire a chauffeur to drive me around so I don’t have to walk,” Henry Lewandowski, of Clifton, N.J., said.

“I’d buy a private island,” one man said.

“I’d buy a house and pay my daughter’s college off,” another man added.

The prize is the fourth-largest jackpot in the game’s 20-year history. The odds of winning are 1 in 175 million, lottery officials said.

If there is indeed a winner, he or she will have a big decision to make – take the winnings in a lump sum payment, or accept an annuity paid out every year.

Tax advisers would not say if one choice is clearly smarter than the other, but they did tell CBS 2′s Derricke Dennis that it is not as clear-cut as many people might think.

“Conventional wisdom says you can go broke one year and the money will come again. Unfortunately, that’s not been our experience, because there are so many people willing to extend you credit against those earnings,” David Selig said.


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