Dick Morris on Hillary Decision: ‘Trump Will Pay Dearly for This’


President-elect Donald Trump “will pay dearly” for his decision to not seek any new criminal prosecutions against Hillary Clinton for her private email use or the Clinton Foundation, political strategist Dick Morris told Newsmax TV on Tuesday.

“It’s your own people that will be mad at you, not the others,” he told “Newsmax Prime” hosts J.D. Hayworth and Miranda Khan. “It is so cynical.

“All of those Democrats who said this is just political, this is just an election nearing a charade, this isn’t serious judicial stuff, this isn’t real are suddenly proven right.

“And all the Republicans who said: ‘No, no this is very serious. This is real. Whether she’s running for president or not, this has to be prosecuted’ are suddenly undercut by their own president.

“Trump will pay dearly for this,” Morris said.

“To do it now or to say he’s not going to pursue it when it was such a fundamental part of his campaign is outrageous — and I totally condemn Trump for doing that,” he added.

Further, “this makes it very easy for [President Barack] Obama to pardon her.

“This is outrageous. Just incredible,” Morris told Newsmax. “It erases all of the good stuff Trump has done so far in his administration.”

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  1. Clean up the swamp????

    The second trump won the election, he’s a politician…
    According to trump she was such an evil person, all of a sudden the clintons are good people!!!

    Oh well
    This is politics

  2. Trump should leave her alone on the emails BUT should give the FBI the green light to go full steam ahead with their investigation of the Clinton Foundation.
    The emails have been politicized and gone over and through and under, especially with Comey’s flip-flopping. Besides, the Clinton Foundation is a much bigger fish than the email issue, with even worse consequences if what is suspected is actually true.

  3. Dick Morris used to be a close friend and adviser of the Clintons, going back to the days when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas. In the mid 90’s Morris was involved in a scandal. As a result of the scandal, the Clintons cast Morris loose and he’s passionately hated them ever since.

    Morris is a smart guy and he’s a pretty good writer, too. Still, whenever he publishes a Clinton-related op-ed keep in mind that his personal Amalek is the Clinton family and don’t expect his opinion to reflect anything other than that.

    • Agreed. This Morris guy is a nobody. He shouldn’t be given any credence. All his predictions were wrong, just like the rest of the corrupt media.

  4. Dick Morris knows the inner workings of the White House and has been in and around government for many, many years. He was a close advisor to the Clintons some year ago and knows about their schemes and their corruption.

  5. Trump is smart he’s being a gracious winner and wants to get on with his real work. The Clinton’s are powerful people, who needs such enemies. Besides, for Hillary the biggest punishment is not reaching her life long goal of becoming president.


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