Deutsch Announces Shabbos Meters In Flatbush


Brooklyn Councilman Chaim Deutsch announced today that he has successfully advocated for the installation of “Shabbos meters” in the Flatbush area, including on parts of Avenue J, Avenue M, Coney Island Avenue, Avenue N, Avenue O, and the surrounding side streets with existing muni-meters. The program will be implemented by the end of August 2017.

“Shabbos meters” are regular muni-meters that are programmed to allow for a Friday afternoonpre-payment of up to four hours of parking. This allows Shabbos-observant motorists to park at muni-meters before sundown, and not have to worry about receiving a summons before parking regulations end at 7pm.

Deutsch has worked closely with Department of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg to bring this program into the Flatbush community, citing the need for accommodations for the observant community. “Lack of parking is one of the most pervasive issues facing Brooklynites, and something that I have tackled throughout my district by adding more than one hundred parking spots. During the winter months, when sundown can be as early as 4pm, residents who observe Shabbos are limited in where they can park. This new program will allow drivers to park in metered spots with enough time to pre-pay before Shabbos. Thank you to Commissioner Trottenberg for working together with me to accommodate the needs of the religious community.”

The Shabbos meters will be located on the following streets:

Coney Island Avenue, between Avenue I and Avenue O

East 12th Street between Avenue I and Avenue K

East 13th Street between Avenue I and Avenue K

East 14th Street between Avenue I and Avenue K

East 15th Street between Avenue I and Avenue K

East 16th Street between Avenue I and Avenue K

Avenue J between East 12th Street and East 17thStreet

Avenue K between East 10th Street and East 12thStreet

Avenue L between East 10th Street and Coney Island Avenue

Locust Avenue between Coney Island Avenue and East 12th Street

Elm Avenue between East 14th Street and East 15thStreet

Elm Avenue between East 17th Street and East 18thStreet

Bay Avenue between Avenue M and East 19th Street

Avenue M between Coney Island Avenue and Ocean Avenue

East 15th Street between Chestnut Avenue and Avenue N

East 16th Street between Avenue M and Avenue N

East 17th Street between Bay Avenue and Avenue N

East 18th Street between Avenue L and Avenue N

East 19th Street between Avenue L and Bay Avenue


  1. Anonymous we can use this in williamsburg as well….but unfortunately there is no one to advocate for this in our community.
    .only for block votes

  2. In the winter I get home about 130 2 o’clock. If I park my car there and they get four hours guess what it’s not 7 o’clock and I’m going to get ticketed what good does this really do? And finding a parking spot at 3:30 is not going to be easy. This barely helps. But it is good PR. Why not ask the city just to suspend parking fees during Shabbos and that time could begin at the 2 o’clock on Friday. We are voting bloc and the city should help, we do pay a lot of taxes to live here in a gan Eden of sorts.

  3. I give thanks but for what? The DOT really makes Duetch and Greenfeld look like idiots. Why do we have meters to help rotate parking spaces for shoppers. Go down !8th ave, 16 ave 13 ave New Utricht Ave even in the summer almost all the stores are closed by 5:00. So who is paying the 4 hour meters? Its the residents who live on the side streets and need a place to park their car, not to shop but to go home to their families. The same is true for parking on Yom Tov It hurts to see blocks and blocks of empty spaces because metrs are in effect in boro park although the stores are closed.

  4. Isn’t the reason for meters is so people don’t stay parked in specific areas like busy areas for an extended time?

  5. The bigger question is, why do they even have meters to begin with, on side residential streets? The system is NOT meant to “move” parking spots. What a bunch of hewey. It’s always been about GOTCHA! They want you to be late in order for them to write you a ticket. It has always been about revenue. When Giuliani was Mayor, he admitted that publicly. In other words, we are being taxed twice. The lazy do-nothing Council/assembly do NOT represent the people who pay their salary, us, the lowly worthless taxpayers. The system is clearly broken. Our vote means nothing. Yes, WE are the idiots!


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