Detroit Gets Their Own Hatzolah  

The growth of Detroit’s frum population has now led to their own Chevra Hatzolah.
Motor City’s approximately 2,000 families will now have a number to call for medical emergencies, sponsored by local businessman and philanthropist Gary Torgow.
The first call came in at midnight on Motzoei Shabbos.
{Kol Haolam /}


  1. Los Angeles already has for many years now, I would say about 12 now, yes it’s about time every Frum community in the US should have their own Hatzalah, Mazal Tov Detroit

  2. Sorry but when the schools can barely afford to stay open and the need is not pronounced like it is in a place like Los Angeles unless the Rabbis disagree i’m not so sure Cleveland should have it even if your emotions don’t agree

    • one has nothing to do with the other, tzedaka money doesnt work like that , the same way bonei olam & oorah are not hurting the yeshiva, that money would not go to the yeshivah ,out of town comm. need to make it a place that people want to move to and be proactive in recruitment enrollment is income , hatzoloh is vital! when you look at the pics in the hamodia of out of town schools with 8-10 kids in a class ofcourse you are bankrupt question ? when the young chassanim and kallahs are not staying what does that mean for the community’s future?

  3. I think the UWS (Upper West Side) & the LES (Lower East Side) each have their own Hatzalah, I don’t think they rely on Bklyn when it’s needed Ch”v, plz tell us why u think we don’t need it ?


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