Detroit Deadliest City for Kids


detroitAll our frum Detroit readers take note: A new study reveals Detroit to be the deadliest city in America for kids, more bad news for the bankcrupt, violence-plagued city. As of 2010 (the most recent data available), kids under 18 in Detroit are dying at a rate of 120 per 100,000.

At higher risk from the moment they’re conceived, according to the study, Detroit’s youth are most often killed by complications from premature birth and violence.

Dr. Herman Gray, executive vice president of pediatric health services for the Detroit Medical Center, called the announcement an “emergency” today. “We are losing our future,” he told the press. Read more at Detroit News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. It’s good to know that the frum community in the Detroit AREA is located in Oak Park and Southfield — not in Detroit proper.
    this article was written about inter-city kids who come from poor, uneducated families where, for example, parents do not provide medical care for their children.

    As a native Detroit and proud member of the Detroit frum community I can honestly say that I would rather raise frum kids in the Detroit area as opposed to any other Jewish community. We have great schools and, B”H are way behind in all of the “shtus” and “nahreshkeit” that r”l plagues many other communities in both the United States and Eretz Yisroel.

  2. It is very unlikely that you have any frum Detroit readers. In Southfield and Oak Park, miles away from the districts to which this article refers, you probably have many. But north of Oak Park BLVD, (Okay, maybe Kenton-Northfield) could be on a different continent from those south of 8 Mile Road.

  3. hopefully this does not apply to our detroit brethren. these statistics sound like they apply to the inner city types, violence, and also premature births resulting from teenage pregnancy and poor prenatal care.

  4. Hey, I take umbrage at that Northfield – Kenton line.
    The Muslims are primarily in Dearborn, 20 minutes away.
    But nebach, so many Matzav readers live in close proximity to the Bronx and other danger zones….

  5. As mentoined, Suburban Detroit is arguably the BEST city in America to raise healthy, well rounded and safe, erliche kids. We have great schools and never have to worry who the next rebbe will be, cheap homes and world class chachamim, powerful and dynamic outreach and leadership

  6. To lipa21, comment 6:

    When you have a better understanding of Torah, you will learn not to make allegations of hate and injustice just because you are in a bad mood. Islam is not the enemy. Ignorance is. And Detroit is a fine place if you are in good neighborhoods.

  7. Please leave your blazing ignorance to yourself. Report news – leave out commentator additions, like “All our frum Detroit readers take note”.

  8. “so many Matzav readers live in close proximity to the Bronx and other danger zones”

    I live IN the Bronx, not just in close proximity. There is not a single street in the Bronx that I would not walk down, day or night. It is a very different place from what it was two or three decades ago.


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