Photos: Details Announced For Historic Evening of Appreciation To Mark 30 Years of Achrayus For The Children of Lakewood


Anticipation and excitement has been mounting in Lakewood as the date of the historic Evening of Appreciation to mark 30 years of achrayus for the chinuch of Lakewood’s children through Rabbi Shlomo Chaim Kanarek’s network of mosdos draws nearer.

Thousands of people are expected to participate in the event, which is being hailed as a major milestone for the entire Torah community of Lakewood in general, and for the parents, students, and alumni of Rabbi Kanarek’s mosdos in particular.

In advance of the momentous event, which will be held on Sunday, Jan. 24, in Lake Terrace Hall, some highlights of the exhilarating program have been released.

Reb Menashe Frankel, renowned askan for a plethora of causes in Lakewood and beyond, will serve as the evening’s Master of Ceremonies.

Harav Aryeh Malkiel Kotler shlita, Rosh Hayeshiva of BMG, will honor the gathering with warm Divrei Bracha.

As previously announced, Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, KlalYisroel’s beloved supporter of Torah and advocate and benefactor for each and every Jew, will be traveling in from Los Angeles to deliver a Special Address to the gathering.

Rabbi Kanarek will address the assemblage, and will relate his own thoughts on this historically significant occasion.

The Guest Speaker will be longtime expert Mechanech and world acclaimed author and orator, Rabbi Yechiel Spero.

The famous Shira Choir will be mehaneh the crowd with their vocal presentation, which will include a performance that was arranged specifically for this event.

The event will be graced with the attendance of many GedoleiRoshei Yeshiva, Rabbanim and some of KlalYisroel’s leading Mechanchim. It will also mark the launching of the Campus Expansion Campaign for Bnos Rivkah Rochel.

The Lakewood community in its entirety is eager to take this unique opportunity to express their appreciation to Rabbi Kanarek and Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz and be part of this tremendous maamed of celebration, appreciation and chizuk.

rechnitz kanarekVigorous preparations are underway to accommodate the huge crowd. Logistical plans are being made to organize easy parking for everyone and ensure enough space for the overflow of the crowd, as well as to provide hook-ups for women to participate in the program.

Multiple surrounding parking lots have been reserved to provide parking for the thousands of expected guests. Teams of police officers and parking attendants will be on hand and all are asked to follow their directions.

Organizers request, in order to ease traffic, for those who are able to carpool to please do so.

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