Despite Virtual Tie, Hillary Declares Narrow Iowa Victory


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign declared victory in Iowa early Tuesday morning, after a long night locked in a “virtual tie” with Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Both the former secretary of state and the Vermont senator garnered roughly 49 percent, but with nearly all results in, Clinton had reportedly secured a margin of victory that can’t be overcome with the remaining votes in the arcane caucus math.

“After thorough reporting—and analysis—of results, there is no uncertainty and Secretary Clinton has clearly won the most national and state delegates,” said Clinton’s Iowa state director, Matt Paul.

Paul added that it would be impossible for Sanders to overcome Clinton’s numbers.

Clinton reportedly won about four more state delegate equivalents than Sanders, with one precinct yet to report totals.

Late Monday, Clinton was undeterred even when she hadn’t yet won, hosting a victory party during which she said she was “breathing a sigh of relief” even when the results were unclear. “What an incredible night,” she said. Despite final polling data favoring a clear Clinton victory in the first-in-the-nation caucus, the race came down to a several thousand votes, and a razor-thin margin that resulted in a “too-close-to-call” election for much of the night. Read more at Bloomberg News.



  1. Hillary is a really sick individual. She is clearly living in lala land. She truly believes that the American people are just so enamored with her and just love her to death. If she would step out of her ivory tower for just a moment, she will be shocked to find that the apposite is the reality. I blame the Democrat apparatchiks for totally ignoring the citizens who make up their Party and just coronating her “because she waited patiently and now its her turn”. This is not how democracy works.


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