Despite Rockets, Israel Allowed Aid Into Gaza


gaza-aidIsrael’s Ministry of Defense decided to leave border crossings between Gaza and Israel open despite ongoing rocket attacks, in order to allow a flow of goods and aid delivered from Israel to the people of Gaza.

Following the decision, the Kerem Shalom crossing remained open on Monday even though three mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip landed on the Palestinian side of the crossing.

During the latest round of fighting in the Gaza region, approximately 50 rockets aimed at Israel landed in Palestinian territory.

Official Sources told Ynet that 180 supply trucks entered Gaza on Monday despite the cross-border hostilities. The trucks contained goods such as flour, sugar, dairy products and meat along with medical supplies and electric components.

Kamil Abu-Rokon, who heads the Defense Ministry authority in charge of border crossings, told Ynet that “the amount of goods that were delivered into the Gaza Strip constitutes only 50% of what the department can deliver.”

“With the exception of chemical fertilizers and other goods that can assist terror groups, there is no restriction on the supplies that can enter the Gaza Strip,” he said.

A military official added that “it is very important to distinguish between terror groups and civilians…just yesterday (Sunday) more than 120 Palestinians crossed the Gaza-Israel border in order to receive medical care.”

{Ynet/ Newscenter}


  1. Why not? Feed and support your enemies who are trying to kill you, that’s what every sane person is doing, isn’t it? Maybe supply them with guns and rockets?
    It’s time the Israeli government wakes up!!!!!!

  2. they have passed the line for how much they can do for world opinion. we are now shooting ourselves in the foot for trying to get world opinion in favor of Israel.

  3. Typical stupidity of the Israeli Govt. No normal country would allow goods to people that are firing rockets at them.


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