Despite Egypt Ban, Thousands of Lulavim Smuggled To Israel, U.S. Ahead of Sukkos


lulavimThousands of lulavim have been smuggled from Egypt and have made their way to Israel and the United States, veteran lulavim traders said today, despite the Egyptian ban on their export ahead of Sukkos.

One of the traders told Haaretz that the lulavim were transferred from Egypt via Jordan to Israel and Jewish communities in New York and other big cities in the U.S..

The lulav traders utilized long-existing ties with senior officials in Egypt, and succeeded to covertly purchase a large amount of lulavim. According to one of the traders in New York, a senior official in Cairo received $100,000 to aid in smuggling the lulavim outside of Egypt.

The trader said that Egyptian farmers desired to sell lulavs to Israel, especially in light of the economic crisis that has recently fallen upon the country. According to him, there was no logical reason to bar the export of palm fronds to Israel other than anti-Israel sentiments.

{Yair Israel with Haaretz}


  1. This is also a problem regarding aravot, which are very often stolen. Some people also steal material for sechach such as branches, which could make the sukka pasul.

  2. However, here, while the law was violated (including bribing officials, which is also assur if they are Goyim) the farmers wanted to sell and the lulavim were theirs so it should not be a problem of lachem although they might be pasul because of mitzva sheba me’aveira. Where exactly is this Magen Avraham.

  3. Mavriach Meches = violation of Dina D’malchusa. Dina D’malchusa according to many rishonim is based on the goverment’s financial ownership of everything in the land. Hence possible Gezel and lack of Lachem. M.A. is in Hilchos Sukah 637:3. Not poskening, just saying that there is an issue.


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