Despite Crises Abroad, Obama Flies Off For Political Fundraisers


obama3Facing dueling foreign policy crises abroad, President Barack Obama is fending off criticism at home as he heads to the West Coast for a three-day fundraising swing for Democratic candidates.

At events in Seattle, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, the president will mingle with Hollywood stars and technology moguls. The political events, scheduled weeks ago, come as Obama works to contain a growing conflict in Gaza and the fallout from a crash of a Malaysian passenger jet in Ukraine.

White House officials defended Obama’s decision to stick with his schedule, saying the president travels with a mobile White House that allows him to do his job from the road.

“If it becomes clear that there’s a need for him to come back to the White House, in order to fulfill those functions, then we’ll make a change in his schedule,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters today. “Right now, it’s not apparent that that’s the case.”

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  1. Out of the way and inaccessible is the best way for him to be of ‘help’ when Israel is in crises, no body in Israel is going to be helped by this arab terrorist sympathiser.

  2. what does he care about the world?? he’s just trying to make the Democrats win. but he doesn’t know that MOST AMERICANS WILL VOTE REPUBLICAN in 2014, 2015, 2016 and on. AMERICANS HAD ENOUGH OF DEMOCRATIC/SOCIALIST/DICTATORSHIP for now SIX YEARS

  3. “allows him to do his job from abroad”? He doesn’t do it from home, why would he do it from abroad? “If it becomes clear that there’s a need for him to come back to the White House”…- trust me,there’s no need!

  4. why blame the actor who just reads the scripts given to him to read, he is just a curtain. Blame the real government behind him, his 32 czars who really run the country and the ones who fund the real rulers of the country. wake up you are really being fooled


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