Dershowitz Sues To Have Israel Flag Flown At Arab Sporting Events


A team of leading international jurists, including Harvard Prof. Alan Dershowitz, plan to petition the international Court of Arbitration for Sport against the exclusion of Israel’s flag and anthem at sporting events in Arab countries.

“It starts with sports, but it won’t end there,” Dershowitz warned. “We won’t allow the Jewish state to be treated like it’s a second-class country.” Read more.


  1. Don’t think this would be sanctioned by Daas Torah. We know the historical issues that Hashem put into the world – forcing these things is very simply hisgaarus beumos. Those who think this is Golus mentality, I’d like to remind them that we are in Golus and they should research what that means from Torah sources. Not that I expected Dershowitz to follow Daas Torah…

  2. I strongly disagree with BE’s opinion, which s/he speculates is Da’as Torah. Every you move the needle of what is acceptable behavior, you enter more dangerous territory.


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