Dershowitz: Death Penalty Move Makes Boston Bomb Accused a Martyr


alan-dershowitzThe Justice Department is giving Dzhokhar Tsarnaev “what he wants” by seeking the death penalty for last year’s Boston Marathon bombings, Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax today.

“It will make him more famous,” the former Harvard law professor said in an exclusive interview. “It’ll attract more attention.

“It’ll give him an opportunity to make his jihad statements. It will focus a lot of attention on whether he lives or dies. This is going to give him what he wants.

“After all, why did he commit this crime?” Derschowitz asked. “He had nothing against the people he killed. What he wanted to do was make a statement – and now, he’s being given an opportunity to make that statement in an extreme context.”

Read more at NEWSMAX.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Why publicize anything Alan Dershowitz says? He was born to a Frum family and became a Mechalel Shabbos. You’re giving him what he wants: Fame.

  2. I respect Alan but disagree. If more of them where killed others would start to think twice. But let’s stop wasting millions on trying them

  3. He is 100% right — especially given that Whitey Bulger, who killed far more people over a long period of time but is very politically connected, didn’t get a death penalty. Giving Tsarnaev a death sentence simply proves that justice in America is unfair.

  4. So? Let him become a martyr! Being afraid of “making him a martyr” (whatever that means) is no reason to water down justice.


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