Derek Jeter Will Retire After 2014


pinstripes-yankees2014 will be the last season for No. 2. Derek Jeter, who has played for the New York Yankees since 1995, announced on his Facebook page today that he will retire after this upcoming season.

“I know it in my heart. The 2014 season will be my last playing professional baseball. I want to finally stop and take in the world.” Read it at Facebook.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. To the two previous commenters: Many Yidden follow sports. Some more, some less. What- should we go the the NY Post to get sports news?

  2. I like the way Matzav posts ‘letters to the editor’ (written by the editor) against the Super Bowl and then they post this. I’d call you hypocrites but that’s too flattering.

    You’re just losers.

  3. to #1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10
    Your all a bunch of nerds-just bec. you don’t follow sports doesn’t mean nobody does, and #10 if you hate the matzav then what are you doing on it

  4. Matzav is not a torah site if you want torah go to a Beis Medrash! Also, this is Jewish news because after Jeter leaves the Yankees many yidden will stop going to games so there probably wont be a daily Mariv at Yankee Stadium in the summer. Matzav was just updating the minyanim in the new york area… Purim Sameyach!

  5. Matzav is a kosher chazer fissel run by people who consider themselves torah ugedulah. It is full of sheker and gneivas daas. Not an ehrliche site to say the least. Yet these editors are also running businesses you hope they are somewhat ehrlich in their dealings without making a chillul hashem.


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