Derek Jeter Homers To Reach 3,000 Hit Mark


pinstripes-yankeesDerek Jeter’s bid for one of baseball’s most hallowed milestones, a mark never reached by other New York Yankees’ greats, is complete.

Mobbed by his pinstriped pals after the ball sailed into the left-field seats, showered by ovations from his fans, Derek Jeter stood alone – the first Yankees player to 3,000 hits.

His first home run at Yankee Stadium this year, too.

A fitting crown for the captain.

With a swift swing of his shiny black bat, Jeter jolted himself into historic company, homering off Tampa Bay ace David Price in the third inning today. He joined former teammate Wade Boggs as the only players to do it with a home run.

The crowd went wild at Yankee Stadium when Jeter became Mr. 3,000. His teammates surrounded him while everyone in stands cheered “Derek Jeter! Derek Jeter!”

With a big smile on his face, Jeter hugged his teammates. It was a special time for No. 2. His second hit of the game, and right at 2 p.m.

The ball, one of the specially marked ones put in play for the occasion, disappeared into a cluster of fans a few rows beyond the wall. Surely, a valuable souvenir to savor.

Jeter was two hits short of the milestone at the start of today’s game against Tampa Bay before singling in his first at bat.

The New York Yankees star grounded a single through the hole into left field and smiled as he reached first base.

The 37-year-old Jeter is just the 28th major leaguer to get 3,000 hits and the first to do it with the Yankees.

{AP/ Newscenter}


  1. Gevaldig! All minyanim in NY must have a special kiddush for this! What a zechus that we were zoche to live at this special time. What a gevaldige eis ratzon! Maybe it was in the zechus of Balak and Bilaam whose parsha we leined just before this great event!

  2. who cares? im go on this site for jewish news or news that will give me an understanding of where the world is heading not for this…. jjust kidding thats awsome i luv jeterr…
    but what i luv more is na nach nachma nachman meuman.. but even more i luv hashem

  3. I’d like to defend the web-site’s position on this one. The objective of this web-site is to provide news to the frum population without the risk of the secular media damaging the integrity of that frumkeit. Desirable or otherwise there exists a large enough percentage of our population who happen to have an interest in this piece of news and we’d rather not necessitate any filtering of this news item in the unfiltered fields yonder. This is not a yeshiva bulletin board nor is this piece a dirty tabloid interest item.
    Keep up the good work Matzav!

  4. couldn’t believe that the guy who caught it gave it back to him! for ffree!

    the ynakels gave him free tickjets for the rest of the year

    anyway i am happy matzav posted this. it is a harmless story that many people are interested in.

    I would venture to say that posting about Meshichistin and all that is a lot worse. Vehameivin yovin.

  5. Its nice that Matzav delivers a kosher sports section. better get it here than looking at other gotish sites. a good idea for Matzav to bring other news all in a kosher venue.

  6. wow ! what a kiddush hashem !! and let us hope the hits just keeps on coming no matter who the hitter is ! kakosuv BAIS YAKOV LECHU VINAILCHO ! lets go yankys omen !!!

  7. Relax guys! Even though it is a frum website, theres nothing wrong with a little sports news. Many frum people follow baseball
    With all the Shmutz out there, following baseball is very benign. People do need some forms of kosher outlets. To those Tzaddikim who criticized this story. What are you doing online? Shame on you! You should have been learning.

  8. Mazel Tov! Thank you for informing us without having to go to goyish sites, or worse listening to the radio that is FULL of shmutz and toeivah related news. Baseball is a harmless escape for many young people that would find ‘other’ means if not for this sport. Keep up the reporting!!

  9. every body who is hating on matzav for putting up an article about sports needs to see psychological help. you dont have to be so frum that you PRETEND to not care . if your so holy you shouldnt have internet! if you do and chas v’shalom see something prust about a non jewish person WHO ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING IN LIFE

  10. I’m not surprised this would be a Matzav story. For one there are alot of New Yorkers. And also, its pretty much a milestone in history. That said, whats with the illiberal pettiness that goes around in all of our jewish communities to smear the inkling of an idea about sports and the “secular” world. This is America and G-d made it this way.

  11. Since it was slow news night, I have no objection to the posting of this story.

    I also believe that we can learn a mussar lesson from it min hasmada, and we can apply that lesson to our own Torah learning. If you keep at it, and keep at it, you will eventually accumulate a great amount.

    Thanks for the lesson.

  12. to number 11 the fan who got jeters ball got a front row seat to sundays game a suite for the rest of the year and the playoffs 3 balls signed by jeter 3 bats signed by jeter and 2 signed jeter jerseys

  13. This guy who gave the ball back to Jeter, is an emesdika shota! He could of hung on for millions! He gave it away for beblach! This was this loser’s ticket to riche’s! Typical Democrat voter!


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