Deputy Minister of Defense: “Cut Power, Fuel Supply to Gaza”


danny-danonBy Aryeh Savir

Deputy Minister of Defense Danny Dannon (Likud) demanded this morning during the Security Cabinet meeting that Israel stop supplying Gaza with electricity and fuel. “The supplying of electricity and fuel to the Gaza Strip must be stopped immediately”, said Dannon, “It’s inconceivable that on one hand we are fighting the Hamas and on the other hand we supply them with electricity and fuel used for the propelling of rockets fired at us.” He demanded that Israel use all its leverage to bring Hamas to a cease fire.

This morning an Egyptian news site quoted an Egyptian military official who stated that Egypt has destroyed 19 tunnels connecting the Gaza Strip to the Sinai. This further hinders the Hamas’ supply and rearmament efforts.

Tazpit News Agency

{ Israel}


  1. He is absolutely fight. There is a war going on between Israel and Hamas. Who in their right mind supplies the enemy with electricity and fuel?

  2. He is right. But I think it’s inconceivable that Israel has been supplying utilities all along. Should have cut off utilities once the very first rocket was launched.

  3. Exactly as stated in the previous comments:
    Who ever heard of supplying your mortal enemy with anything, especially when they are actively trying to kill you!!? It is mind boggling.

    The same thing applies to the government doing things to undermine torah.

  4. Plain stupidity to supply them in the first place. Put a siege on Gaza and for every rocket they send, send back 5 at the very least

  5. Daaa do you think what took so
    Long How about shutting there borders
    The people support them let them go hungry cold and no electric

  6. Chaim sweetheart bezeq doesn’t turn off the power it’s a phone company it’s the chevrat chashmal the israeli electric company

  7. And don’t forget to cut the food, water and medical supplies, too. And don’t accept any patients from Gaza into Israeli hospitals!

  8. More than “inconceivable”. It’s HIDEOUS. Gaza is a prison, thanks to Egypt (NOT “Israel”). The vamps are desperately and suicidally trying to change things, even with the G.O.I. support.


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