Deputy Defense Minister Ben-Dahan Commits to Continue Increasing Chareidi Enlistment in IDF


Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan of the Bayit Yehudi party said during a Knesset session this afternoon that the security establishment and the Israel Defense Forces are continuing to work on expanding the military recruitment and enlistment of chareidi youths.

“The IDF and the Defense Ministry are working to expand the enlistment of chareidim into the IDF in accordance with government objectives,” said MK Ben-Dahan.

{ Israel}


  1. No way are we sending our kids to be secularized by the IDF! It’s only getting worse -courtmartialling exceptional charedi soldiers because their Rav doesn’t allow them contact with women soldiers, thrashing the IDF rabbinate and denying Jewish soldiers exposure to Torah and Judaism! 20-25% of dating leumi
    soldiers come out of the army no longer religious. The IDF doesn’t need charedi soldiers, it’s all a ploy “to integrate them into Israeli society” in other words to secularize them into a culture that is a bad combination of the worse of Eurotrash and the worse of materialistic American cultures!


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