Dep. Education Minister Porush Harrassed During Shabbos Davening


Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush (UTJ) was involved in an unpleasant situation in Monsey when hecklers burst into the shul during davening and hurled insults.

Porush had flown into New York to spend Rosh Hashana with the Vitznitz-Monsey community. On Shabbos, a band of chassidim who identified with the Satmar community started to yell at him for “destroying the Jewish people through the forced IDF draft.”

Police were summoned to the scene and hauled off the hecklers. Read more here.



    • Because he is close to the Rebbe, and wanted to be there for Rosh HaShana. If the Rebbe had felt it was inappropriate, a simple word would have kept Minister Porush away.

      In any case, I don’t think anybody has to live their lives in fear of what crazies will do.

  1. I have to protest your headline. Minister Porush did not “get into [an] altercation”; he was attacked. You might as well have said about a mugging victim that “he got into an altercation.”

  2. Is this what the dogs who attacked Rabbi Parush were taught in cheder??? On the Yom Hadin?! I wouldn’t be surprised if these attackers suffer numerous tragedies during the upcoming year.

  3. Everyone may have a different opinion But disturbing a bais hashem during tfillah I think is the worst thing a yid can do Especially in the yom hadin when thousands of yidden declaring the kingdom of hashem I can’t think of any bigger chillul hashem I don’t think those who sent those hipukrips will ever have a place in the other world

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