Dennis and Judi Apologize, Will Return after Ten-Day Suspension


NJ 101.5 reports: New Jersey 101.5 hosts Dennis Malloy and Judi Franco issued an apology today for comments made Wednesday regarding New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal on their popular, statewide radio show.

“We offer our sincerest apologies to Attorney General Gurbir Grewal as well as the Sikh and Asian communities for a series of insensitive comments we made on our show. For 21 years, the Dennis and Judi show has been unscripted and free form. We use humor and sarcasm to make a point and add color to the broadcast; in this instance, we were off the mark. It was a mistake we both deeply regret. We respect all cultures and beliefs and are deeply sorry for the pain caused to the Sikh community, our co-workers and our beloved listeners.”

New Jersey 101.5 announced that the station had suspended the pair for 10 days, and they will not return to the air until Aug. 6.

Addressing the apology and the suspension, New Jersey 101.5/WKXW-FM president Ron deCastro added, “We take these comments seriously and echo Dennis and Judi’s sincere apology to Attorney General Grewal and his family, as well as the Sikh and Asian communities. Dennis and Judi are known for their plainspoken brand of humor, but in this case, the language used was clearly demeaning and inappropriate. New Jersey is a state that is rich in diversity, and our radio station has served as the people’s voice for nearly 30 years. With Dennis and Judi’s help, we will use this incident as a learning moment to further a dialogue of inclusiveness for all residents of our great state.”



  1. Political correctness run amok.
    Only WHITE heterosexual males are allowed and encouraged to be the but end of jokes. Jews are also allowed to be made fun of. They always go like sheep anyway. “Don’t rock the boat”. “We’re in galus so just take the drubbing and move on”.

  2. Too bad now the word is go along, to get along, so follow like sheep. Free speech is, you have to sound like me and then you are free, if you say something not like me then your speech is not free.


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