Dems Call For $1 Trillion Federal Investment In Infrastructure


House Democrats on Wednesday called for $1 trillion in federal dollars for an infrastructure overhaul, a proposal that comes just days ahead of the announcement of President Trump’s long-awaited infrastructure proposal.

The House Democratic Policy & Communications Committee unveiled the party’s own infrastructure package at a press conference meant to counter the anticipated release of a Monday White House proposal.

“The federal government is a necessary partner in this effort to rebuild our country. It’s not enough to punt this to the private sector, as the president wants,” said Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.). Rebuilding our country will require a serious smart investment of real federal resources to get this work done.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Didn’t the dems and Obama spend a trillion on shovel ready jobs?? I didn’t see much of anything… Is this the same idea they have in mind???

    • The DemocRATs are good at shoveling sh– on the American people. The problem is that too many Americans believe their BS and they keep voting for the BSers over and over again. And we get shoveled their BS over and over again.
      Wake up America! Quit supporting those BSers who don’t support you or me. Start voting Republican. The Republicans are far from perfect but way better than the BS DemocRATs.
      Compare the two sides and look at their voting records from a neutral perspective. In a large percentage of Legislation you will see that the Republicans vote FOR our interests while the DemocRATs vote against our interests.

      • For all of you bashing the Dems, let’s not forget that Trump is proposing 1.7 Trillion dollar plan, it will put our great-grandchildren in debt. It is only the true conservatives (the ones Hannity calls RINOs) who are standing up to this.

        • You don’t seem to understand that we have a one party system in this once great Country. The last great President (whether or not you liked his policies) that we had was Bill Clinton. It all ended when George W Bush was coronated by the Rinos. 8 years Bush and 8 years Obama have totally destroyed the real democracy of the US. We no longer have any opposition to the thieves in power. We are clearly living in a taxation without representation stage and it’s very frightening.

          • Bill Clinton wasn’t bad, even though he was a DemocRAT. Bush was mediocre and Obama was a complete failure. President Trump is running our country like a business and that bothers many people especially politicians since most politicians have never run a business, negotiated a deal, nor had a payroll to meet. They have no idea about the value of money. Money to them is something that is printed with no end. Our elected officials live in a dream world. Our current President is trying to change the arcane way that the House and Senate operate and bring them into the 21st Century. He uses down to earth language rather than confusing “political talk”. I am glad that our Frum Community supported him and I’m honored to call him my President.

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