Democrats Planning Protests For Trump’s First State Of The Union


Democrats are already plotting ways to protest during President Trump’s State of the Union later this month.

At least one lawmaker plans to boycott the speech entirely, with more Democrats possibly opting to skip the event as well. Female Democrats including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi plan to wear black to show solidarity with victims of misconduct.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. they’re showing solidarity with the women assaulted by their democrat friends and colleagues who they protected over the years the still worship ted kennedy who let his mistress drown in his car

  2. Democrats are evil, intolerant and corrupt. They have done nothing this year except for attacking a legally elected president. It’s an embarrassment today to say you belong to the Democratic party – which is anything but Democratic. – Thank you Hillary.

  3. Would it not be nice to invite some of the public into the State of the Union message, so for every empty Democratic seat a person from the outside sit in that seat. It could be a union member, a hospital personnel, a retired person, a decorated military person, etc. etc. so the hall will be filled with people who appreciate what the government has done for them. Just a suggestion. This way who ever boycotted the message would not be missed for the seat is filled by a citizen who appreciates this great country.

  4. Dems are acting like childish, disgruntled children upset because Mommy did not give them a lollipop in November 2016.
    > Imagine how quiet they will be when Hillary goes to jail.
    Huma the Muslim,
    where Bill Clinton was the מסדר קידושין
    stops the divorce so
    Kosher Hubby Weiner
    cannot testify against her. But she will deal rather than go to jail because of the kid.

  5. Democrats may do. They have another election ahead.

    Seems political and also transparent if they are not keen on disturbing the whole speech.

    Wonder yet to see. Good work or not? Will see.


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