Democrats Calls For Fast Food Boycott After Burger Chain Donates $25G To GOP


A whole bunch of Californians are not happy their beloved burger chain has picked a side ahead of the state elections in November.

In-N-Out reportedly donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party earlier this week, and the revelation has caused many who identify as Democrats — or just not Republican — to demand a boycott of the chain.

NBC host Megyn Kelly on Thursday slammed a proposed boycott of In-N-Out Burger over the fast food chain’s donation to the California Republican Party, calling it “absurd.”

“Seriously?? Calling for a boycott now simply bc a company makes a donation to the GOP? A boycott?? This is absurd. In America, we allow and – gulp, even encourage – opposing viewpoints,” Kelly wrote on Twitter.


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  1. And what about the racist black hating Starbucks? They gave millions of dollars to Democrat candidates across the country.


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