Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu: Obama Normalized Trump


Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu accused President Obama of normalizing Donald Trump in the aftermath of the election. “In hindsight, I believe it was wrong for Barack Obama to normalize Donald Trump,” Lieu told Politico.

He was responding to a statement released by Obama’s office in which a spokesman said the former president is heartened by the nationwide protests in response to newly-inaugurated Trump’s controversial executive order on travel restrictions, and added that “American values are at stake.” It was the first post-presidency statement issued by Obama’s office. Former presidents typically shy away from wading into political issues, and Democrats are wary of Obama having a prominent voice during the Trump presidency. Read more at POLITICO.



  1. Congressman Ted Lieu,

    You represent California’s 33rd Congressional District. Your district contains the largest number of Orthodox/Torah Observant Jews west of New York. Our Community supported, voted for and still supports President Donald Trump and all his important policies which he campaigned on including the travel ban from terrorist-supporting/harboring countries. It is not a “Moslem” ban but a ban on those who come from terrorist infested countries originally suggested and advocated by former President Obama.

    When that Idiot Henry Waxman retired you were elected to take his place in the House of Representatives. You met with our Community (numerous times) to discuss various issues of concern to the Community. You are well respected in the Community by all. (I even like you and I’m a Republican!) Please don’t become the Democrat’s “attack dog” against a President who is liked and supported by a significant portion of your district.


    Your friend and supporter in the 33rd


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