Democrat Platform Calls For $15 Minimum Wage


Standing up for the lowest paid workers, this week congressional Democrats unveiled a key plank in their economic platform: a call for a $15 minimum wage from coast to coast by 2024. Spurred by growing concern about the future of America’s middle class, it marks the first time Democrats of all persuasions — progressives to moderates — have been united behind a call for strong action to reverse the economy’s tilt towards low-paying jobs.

Pay has fallen so far that nearly 4 in 10 of America’s workers today struggle on less than $31,200 a year — which is what $15 an hour translates to for a full-time worker. Far from teenagers, the 41 million U.S. workers who would get a raise under the Democrats’ proposal are overwhelmingly mid-career adults. The typical worker who would see a raise is a 36-year-old woman with some college level coursework who works full time but still struggles to pay the bills. Read more at The Hill.



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