Democrat-Led Assembly Passes NY Same Gender Marriage Bill; Measure Must Still Clear Senate


ny-state-senateNew York’s Democrat-led Assembly has passed a bill to legalize same gender marriage and a critical vote by the state Senate could take place this week if the chamber’s Republican majority brings the measure to the floor.

The Assembly passed the Marriage Equality Act Wednesday night by a vote of 80-63.

Assemblyman Charles Lavine of Long Island said Wednesday he believes his chamber’s approval of same gender marriage means that somewhere America’s founding fathers “have smiles on their faces.”

But Assemblyman Dov Hikind of Brooklyn said same gender marriage is wrong in the eyes of God.

Meanwhile, Republican state senators who are key to the future of same gender marriage in New York have took a break from their closed-door debate on the issue.

That will delay a possible vote on a legalization bill, although the Senate could still act on Thursday or Friday. The Senate session ends on Monday.

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said after a three-hour session Wednesday that no decisions have been made to even send the bill to the floor.

“We will continue to conference the issue tomorrow,” Skelos said.

It remains unknown if there are enough GOP senators bucking the conference position and supporting legalization.

Senate Republicans led an effort to easily defeat a similar bill in 2009.

But enough Democratic and Republican senators have announced changes in their votes that there may now be a tie in the chamber.

At least two remain undecided.

Same gender marriage is legal in Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, D.C.

{AP/CBS/NBC/ Newscenter}


  1. relax #1 its going to be ok. Look at Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, D.C. Theyre all doing ok, focus on your avodas hashem dont wory so much abut other people’s and certainly not about goyim and certainly not when it is merely symbolic and doesnt involve any of the 7 mitzvas (While obviously toeiva relations are forbidden, calling it “marriage” or “civil union” or anything else doesnt change a thing)

  2. This is extremly aggravating! The emes hadvorim is, that the tzibur honestly doesn’t care! They make believe they are all upset but they will vote overwelmingly for these exact same politicians next time around! Carl Kruger, if he’s not indicted, will win in a landslide – with the glowing endorsments of our “Heimisha” papers. The same is for Shelly Silver, Lew Fidler, Anthony Weiner (if he doesn’t step down), Jerry Nadler etc… The list goes on & on & on. If Lord Mike Bloomberg were to step out of his Ivory Tower & declare that he’s running again for Mayor, there would be a serious sakana of many people getting stampeded in the mad rush to bow down & kiss his holy feet. What’s going on is a Chillul Hashem of porportons we have never seen before! It’s high time we call this out, all for a few pruto’s the Government throws their way. Hashem Yeracheim!

  3. original Yankel its not going to be ok if religious institutions are going to be forced to accept all kind of “toiavos” personnel or be accused of discrimination


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