Democrat Gillum Retracts Concession In Florida Governor’s Race


Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum (D) withdrew his concession to Republican candidate Ron DeSantis in the Florida gubernatorial race on Saturday as a recount in the state begins.


Gillum initially conceded the race on Tuesday after returns showed him trailing by 1 point. That margin narrowed considerably, however, as new vote totals came in from Broward and Palm Beach counties showed Gillum and DeSantis separated by roughly 0.41 points, within the margin necessary to trigger a machine recount.

The Democrat said Saturday that since election night “more information has come in, more information has become available around the votes, around the votes that are still outstanding and really for our need to ensure in this process that every vote be counted.”

“I am replacing my words of concession with an uncompromised and unapologetic call that we count every single vote,” Gillum said at a press conference.

“And I say this recognizing that my fate in this may or may not change,” he added.

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  1. Florida is proof that the American voter is disenfranchised. “We the people” are being screwed. Our vote does NOT count. We have no freedoms. Corrupt elitists in smoke filled rooms decide for us who will rise to power and who not. We are doomed. Iran and Ethiopia have better voting rights than we have.

    • The sky is falling. The Sun is running out of fuel. Aliens are about to invade. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. An asteroid is coming to smash the Earth into smithereens. “The Big One” is about to bury us all under red-hot lava. The Russians are coming. My milk is turning sour.

  2. FBI better investigate all these “additional thousands of ballots suddenly found in DemocRatically controlled voting districts only”. Trump is the executive branch boss, and he better order his employees to deal with all these shenanigans. It is all up to Trump at this point.

  3. Eh eh eh. Be very careful. The Democrat here is an African-American. If you dare criticize him or the process you will be deemed a racist and might rise to the level of a hate crime. You were warned.


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