Dem: Is Obama Mad at Brooklyn Because of Dov Hikind?


dov-hikindCity Hall News reports: Brooklyn pols were apoplectic yesterday when FEMA’s list of counties eligible for disaster aid included every New York City borough but theirs. Borough President Marty Markowitz pronounced himself “dumbfounded.” City Council Finance Chairman Domenic Recchia asked, “Are they kidding?”

Waterfront sections of the borough were flooded from end to end, part of the seawall facing the Atlantic Ocean collapsed, and soil was weakened under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Brooklyn Heights. City and federal disaster officials said the omission was simply a bureaucratic lag, and Brooklyn will surely be added within days.

Still, some wondered whether President Barack Obama’s administration might be miffed with Brooklyn, where Orthodox Jews angry about his Israel policy hope to flip a congressional seat that was once solidly Democratic. One Democratic officeholder wondered about Obama: “Maybe he realizes that [Assemblyman] Dov Hikind lives in Brooklyn?”

{City Hall News/ Newscenter}


  1. Someone needs help:

    1. There are way more Moslems and blacks in Brooklyn than there are Jews.

    2. After the hurricane it was Brooklyn that yelled and belittled the “over-rated” storm. Gurnisht mit gurnisht was heard all over. Now all of a sudden (when there will be no money) the Brooklyn damage is enormous. You can’t have it both ways but for some reason Brooklyn always thinks it can.

  2. I agree %100! Why do you think Anthony Weiner was forced by Obama to resign? Because he spoke out forcefully in support of Israel after Obama thru Israel under the bus! Like I’ve mentioned in the past, Obama doesn’t just hate Israel, he hates Jews in general! Now why do you think the other Jewish Democrat politicians in NY didn’t circle the wagons & defend Weiner, like good old Dems? Because they were threaten’d by the Obama administration that the same would happen to them! It’s time to stop covering up for team Obama & call it like it is! Enough already!

  3. Its a good idea to go against Obama. He is a disaster in foreign policy. He is a disaster economically and left wing Jews still support that friend of Rev. Wright who preaches G-d curse America.
    Jews have to show that we are not all left wingers to counter Jews that are no longer practicing Judaism. The only mitzvah the reformers still keep is vote democratic. True Jews have to show there are Jews who will not vote democratic.

  4. This isn’t true. The States choose how to appropriate federal disaster relief funding, not the federal government. While I have a lot of respect and appreciation for Dovs contributions to the frum community, I cannot believe that the he is on the president’s radar.

    You may not like Obama, but this story isnt true.

  5. If you thought that Mr. Obama was a Jewish man who was going to put the State of Israel first in his thoughts you are mistaken. America comes first. Mr. Obama is no more an enemy of the State of Israel and the Jewish people than a kite is an enemy of the sun. I just think its right time for the American Jewish community to finally realize that we have many friends in this nation, our national leaders are not closed anti-semites and our people are indeed in good shape in this great nation.

  6. Maybe this was merely an oversight. However when the President’s famous ‘cool; is a facade as well as an apparent disdain for opponents.

    One would think the White House would be savy enough to avoid such instances that look so bad and petty.

  7. this article is a sham. it has no content, and so much more info is needed to even utter a word on such a ridiculous hypothesis.

    The idea that the Obama adminstration – not to mention obama- is giving a microsecond of thought to boro park with regard to IRENE to do what this article suggests is a worse use of brain cells than weekly handwashing ones car.


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