Delta Sends Cleveland Kid to Boston and Boston Kid to Cleveland


delta-airlinesHere’s a mix-up that’s bound to send shivers down parents’ spines and maybe induce a touch of mischievous excitement in their kids. WOIO TV reports that Delta Airlines accidentally put a girl bound for Cleveland on a Boston flight last night, and stuck a boy bound for Boston on a Cleveland plane.Nine-year-old Kieren Krenshaw looked absolutely delighted to be talking into the TV cameras this morning, intoning, “It was just weird. I was like I’m supposed to be at Boston, not Cleveland!”

Kieren and the unnamed Cleveland girl were both traveling as

unaccompanied minors on a flight from Spokane, Washington, through Minneapolis-St. Paul, airline spokesman Paul Skrbec told Yahoo!. At Minneapolis they were “inadvertently boarded on incorrect connecting flights as a result of a paperwork swap,” Skrbec said.

“We apologized to the families, re-accommodated the children to their final destination cities at no cost, arranged full refunds for the children’s tickets, provided credits to the families for future travel, and refunded their unaccompanied minor fees,” Skrbec added.

Skrbec emphasized that the airline notified the families as soon as Delta realized its error, and that the children were under supervision at all times. “The situation is a very serious one,” he said.

Kieren Krenshaw’s grandfather expressed his concern to WOIO that the airline had thrown the kids on planes without checking to see if the paperwork matched. But after watching Krenshaw’s wide-eyed grandson on the television news, it’s hard not to think that this will be the highlight of Kieren’s summer vacation.

{Yahoo/WOIO TV/Noam Newscenter}


  1. If your kids are flying alone, DO NOT put them on a flight requiring a connection; connecting flights are difficult enough for adults, kal vachomer for a child. Just spend the extra $ on a nonstop flight.

  2. Whats wrong with a challange for a kid? If you allow them to fly alone, whats the difference? So what if its difficult. Nebach, in America, a kid gotta be pampered for life! get real.

  3. to no.2-they are nine. scary for the kids and petrifying for the parents to have their kids lost for any time at all in unknown territory. did you ever lose your kid for one second in a deparment store ? multiply that by a million.

  4. #2- There’s a difference between a “challenge” and an unnecessary complication. We don’t send kids alone on flights for the purpose of preparing them for real life; we send them to visit grandma, and the idea is to get from point A to point B safely. True, you want your child to learn life skills, but getting them lost on the other side of the country is not really a good way to accomplish that.


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