Delaware’s 1st Jewish Governor Hangs Mezuzah


jack-markellDelaware’s first Jewish governor, Jack Markell, has hung a mezuzah at his home-the governor’s mansion in Dover. Peter Grumbacher affixed the mezuzah to a door post at Woodburn on Tuesday afternoon. Grumbacher is rabbi emeritus at the Reform Congregation Beth Emeth temple and has long been close to the Markell family.

Markell, who took office last year, is not the first governor to hang a mezuzah.

In 2007, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist put one on his office door at the state capitol in Tallahassee.

{ Newscenter}


  1. well maybe he can have some influence on the legistlation in Massachusetts with the horrible problem of them outlowing Bris. Very serious problem there. This is great news!


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