Defiling The Ihr Hakodesh: Thousands Attend “Pride Parade” in Yerushalayim


yerushalayim-pride-paradeThousands of people who openly live a lifestyle that is termed “toeivah” by the Torah Hakedoshah  – men and women and their supporters – had the audacity to gather at Independence Park in Yerushalayim this evening for the city’s 12th annual “March for Pride and Tolerance,” which concluded at the Wohl Rose Park, opposite the Knesset.

As police helicopters monitored the parade from the sky, Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, who was helping oversee officers at the procession, said officers had taken extensive measures to ensure the safety of all participants at the march.

“Approximately 2,500 people are taking part in the parade and police have secured the area, and we’re escorting all the people taking part,” he said, according to the Jerusalem Post. “Special patrol units, border patrol units and undercover units are watching over the crowd.”

Three arrests were made at the parade by 8 p.m. – including of a man who lobbed a stink bomb at marchers, and two women who dressed up as a donkey and monkey, carrying a sign that read “I’m a proud donkey,” to incite the crowd. “Undercover officers and patrol units arrested them, and there were no injuries,” he said.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Matzav why are you reporting this and not reporting that there was a gathering in Kikar Shabbos to tell Hashem that we feel his pain?

  2. I heard from an Askin that the Askonim are very upset that people in Shiduchim do not want to be Meshadech with any boy that went through therapy to cure him from this Toeva feelings. People really don’t believe that a person can get cured.

  3. To #4
    If Yidden would truly have Emunah in the Torah that Toeva is not natural, than we would believe in the possibility of a cure.

  4. It shows the bias in Israel, full and clear. When the “Chareidim” swim in a memorial they are being insensitive (it’s wrong, but beside the point). But when these wackos dance in the face of the sensitivities of the torah world, it’s liberation. Try this in the Arab world, Never!! How can we be so insensitive to the Muslims beliefs!!!

    It’s so frustrating!!!

  5. #3 You’re right.

    #9 Toeva is very natural as every man is born with it. Erliche yidden know that this is the most abominable thing to Hashem and would work on themselves through Torah learning and mussar sefarim or with the help from their Rosh Yeshiva or from other erliche yidden to get cured, but they surely wouldn’t go bragging about their personal difficulties to the world, just like kleptomaniacs wouldn’t if they have trouble curing themselves.

    #11 It was a mixed pool and childen without peyot, not exactly chareidim, most likely secular.

  6. #11,

    Please don’t become frustrated. You may be saddened – but not frustrated.

    Consider that 52% of the students of the “orthodox” institutions that teach to be tolerant of these paraders, are very sadly, dropping their Yiddishkeit within two years of graduating their high school. (Thats a number their rabbi who’s cynical writings of Chareidim are found on his blog.)

    Obviously, their teachings are not teaching their students all that much about living as Jews. And Chareidim, B”H, are. It’s sad about them. Try and help those you can. But please, don’t become frustrated by their behaviors.

  7. Leaving aside if one can be “cured” I would think that such a boy would want someone possibly outside of the box herself, who may have had her own struggles and the depth to appreciate her. Maybe such a boy should just be dealing with different shadchanim.

  8. Disgusting!!! It used to be that these kinds of relationships existed (as far back as biliam)but it was hiddened in the closet, people had busha-embarrassment over it. They knew what they were doing was wrong. Now, the people doing it are so evil they’ don’t even see something wrong with it. They are so deep in the tumah they don’t even think they are doing anything wrong. ?? ???????!

  9. #9 Shalom: A tendency toward Toeva may sometimes be inborn, but is still Toeva, much as a tendency toward Retzicha can be inborn, but it’s still considered Retzicha if someone acts on that tendency.
    Don’t Chazal say that Dovid Hamelech was born with Admimus and could have Chas V’Shalom been a Rotze’ach had he not worked on himself?


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