Defiant Americans: A Third of Uninsured Refuse to Buy Obamacare


obamacareA third of Americans currently uninsured still have no intention of buying health coverage even though they are required to do so by the Affordable Care Act, according to Bankrate’s latest Health Insurance Pulse survey.

Thirty-four percent contacted by telephone said they still have no intention of buying insurance. Most, 41 percent, cited cost as their reason, while 17 percent said they oppose Obamacare and 13 percent said they are healthy and don’t need insurance.

Fifty-six percent of those surveyed said they do plan to purchase health coverage.

“We did all this discombobulating for nothing, because the uninsured are not signing up,” Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto said on Monday.

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  1. I don’t blame anyone for not buying this garbage. This president has put our country down in the ground. Why should I bother working altogether. I might as well get government help. This president only cares about lower income anyway, so people like me just suffer.

  2. A lot of those who aren’t buying would have been eligible for the expanded Medicaid, but the Republicans have been recalcitrant. They prefer to continue to make wealth be a prerequisite for health care.


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