Defense Minister Ya’alon: No Palestinian Peace Deal without Jewish State Recognition


moshe-yaalonIsraeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon told Channel 2 TV that a peace agreement with the Palestinians is unreachable unless they recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Ya’alon said he disagreed with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent statement that it is a mistake to focus on the demand to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

“I supported Oslo; I thought that if we gave up land it would bring us tranquility, but when I discovered that the conflict is not only over land, and land is not only Judea and Samaria [the West Bank], it’s actually ‘all of Palestine,’ as they call it, the whole land of Israel, I became more realistic,” Ya’alon said. “I supported ‘land for peace’…and what did I get – land for terror and more than 1,000 killed and thousands of rockets. What did the Palestinians give up? Nothing.”

The current round of diplomatic negotiations will only yield results if the Palestinians want them to work and lend their hand in making them work, Israeli government officials said on Sunday. If the Palestinians just wait for Israel to make concessions and see the process as a one-way street, the process will fail, the officials said. “This will only work if it is a two-way street.”

Israeli officials are presently focused on Kerry’s framework document laying out the principles the U.S. believes are needed for a two-state solution, though Kerry in the end may not present the paper because the two sides cannot agree on the bulk of it.

Meanwhile, Ya’alon also told Channel 2: “Unfortunately, an agreement will not happen in my generation. Abbas is a partner who takes, not a partner who gives. He is not a partner for a permanent peace agreement that includes recognition of Israel as the national state of the Jewish people.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


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  2. mr. abbas is a stately fan of unauthorized origin. he cannot press his hankie or mend his own clothes.if you want peace don’t hold his breath. in othrr words, keep your hands in your own pockets and don’t bump into irony or dogmatic blabbermouths. his slime will persevere as he doubts his own wiles.


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