Defeat Barron Or Live With The Consequences


charles-barronA group calling itself “Concerned Members And Activists of the United Community of South Brooklyn” released an advertisement yesterday in several Jewish newspapers and Russian media, alerting the Jewish community to the potential victory of well known antagonist Charles Barron in next weeks democratic primary, should Democratic voters in the district fail to vote for Hakeem Jeffries.

Urging the community to choose “tolerance, not hatred” the joint letter showcases an impressive display of unity and diversity from a broad spectrum of Jewish community leaders and activists.

With names ranging from nearly every Jewish community in the south Brooklyn portion of the 8th congressional district and beyond, the ad campaign alerts voters to be aware that “Charles Barron has a long track record of incendiary rhetoric, divisive behavior and anti-American, anti-Israel positions that confirm his unworthiness to represent the citizens of the 8th congressional district.”

The group consisting of nearly 60 community activists, encompasses jewish leadership from every neighborhood of South Brooklyn including representatives from the Russian Jewish community of Brighton Beach, the Hasidic community of Sea Gate, the Jewish communities of Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, Mill Basin Marine Park and the East 30’s of Flatbush.

Urging the community to take their responsibility to vote for Hakeem Jeffries seriously, the ad describes the Assemblyman as “an impressive legislator and one who is respected and admired by his colleagues… who has stood together with numerous Black and Jewish officials in the (Black/ Jewish) coalition to fight anti-semitism, racism and bigotry,” as opposed to Mr. Barron who has a long history of hateful rhetoric and disturbing intolerance.

Organizers of the letter declared, “each and every member of the community must come out and vote this Tuesday, elections have been won and lost by literally a handful of votes.”

The Democratic primary for the 8th Congressional seat will take place on Tuesday June 26.

{Noam Newscenter}


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