DEBUNKING THE MYTH: Study: Kids With MMR Shot Less Likely to Develop Autism


A huge new study has become the latest research to confirm the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine does not cause autism, despite continued warnings by anti-vaccination advocates.

Data from more than 650,000 children showed there was no link between the MMR jab and the developmental problem, which affects how people communicate and interact.

The findings by a Danish team were intended to reassure the growing number of people making the unfounded link between vaccines and conditions including autism.

“Parents should not skip the vaccine out of fear for autism,” lead study author Dr Anders Hviid of the Statens Serum Institut told Reuters.

“The dangers of not vaccinating includes a resurgence in measles which we are seeing signs of today in the form of outbreaks.”

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    • No anti-vaxxer will change their minds with this report which is as credible as Snopes “facts”. Good for temimusdige vaxxers who trust doctors and the privately owned CDC blindly. The more they’re forcing it upon us, the more people are waking up to the truth as can be seen in the last paragraph, boruch Hashem.

      • 657,461 children. Follow up up to age 14. No biases in outcome ascertainment. You will never have a better study than this one. By comparison, most drugs are tested in just a few thousand people prior to approval!

        Vaccinate your kids!

  1. FYI Denmark has a total of 9 recommended vaccines compared to the CDC recommendation of close to 50!
    In addition it is not mandatory, and can be taken at any age.
    You have to wonder how many of these children in the study got the MMR at 12-15 months of age.

  2. If it’s pro vaccines all study’s are true
    If anti all are false
    Pro vaccinators move on and leave it alone already

  3. It’s nice they did the study but I don’t think a single anti-vaxxer will choose to vaccinate as a result of this study. Either they’ll decide the study is fake or they’ll invent a million other reasons to “prove” why vaccines are just a control tactic by big Pharma, the wealthy elites and the government.

    As Bill Murray said, “It’s hard to win an argument with a smart person. It’s d*** near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person.”

  4. There’s reason why on Jan. 5, 2019 President Trump signed an Executive Order that vaccines is no longer required for children. The World Organization for Combating Autism and Making Aware the Dangers of Antibodies or WOCAMDA, has praised President Trump’s decision to allow Americans to avoid the risks associated with building antibodies from vaccines.

    Anti-vaxxers have done research and can’t be fooled by these new “studies” who are controlled by greedy drug companies who pay them lots of money for it to prove that their vaccinations and medications are the answers.

    Here’s what Dr. Alvin H Moss , MD, Nephrologist, West Virginia University who wrote: The chemicals found in vaccines cause autism, period. The only people and organizations that say otherwise are paid to say so. We know the truth and we will not vaccinate our children to death!

  5. They truly fully checked through over 650,000 — that is well over HALF A MILLION — children????????

    I DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is simply A MASTERPIECE OF PURE, UNDILUTED, PRISTINE PROPAGANDA at its best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not propaganda. Denmark has complete medical records. It is easy to search through and summarize hundreds of thousands of records and you don’t even need a big computer to do so. A few years ago I had a study with 940,000 records that I analyzed using a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet that weighs less than two pounds.

  6. The many thousands — yes, “many thousands” — of parents who underwent the excruciating pain and torment of seeing their child, mere minutes after his or her shots, begin unstoppably screaming and going into violent convulsions and soon lying lifeless and dead, OR, if not actually “dead,” then, yes, SEVERELY AUTISTIC for life, those parents DO NOT CARE AT ALL about ANY of your fake, propaganda, so-called “studies”!!!!!!!!!!! Those parents DO NOT CARE AT ALL about your heavy handed abuse of Dr. Andrew Wakefield and countless other good physicians like him!!!!!!!!!!! Those parents DO NOT CARE AT ALL even about your tyrannical threats to throw them in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    They clearly saw with their own eyes the GLARING SHARP DEBUNKING and the ABSOLUTE SHATTERING of the MYTH of the holy, holy, holy, holy vaccines being our holy gods and saviors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wakefield was a fraudster. He faked the data in his study and lost his medical license as a result. His study was of a few dozen children with no follow up and this one is of over six hundred thousand with up to 13 years of follow up.

      HaShem is our savior and He is responsible for giving us vaccines to protect ourselves and our children against dangerous diseases. For a thousand years, since Rav Sherirah Gaon, the accepted halachah is to follow doctors in medical matters. Do that and vaccinate your kids!

    • Thank you! Well said
      bottom line is that the study is convoluted. look at the way the study was designed
      comparing children who have a higher risk of autism (sibling with autism) to other vaccinated children
      The design of this study is flawed, this is not how to see if a vaccine causes autism.
      Also they only studied the MMR vaccine alone.
      which child is ever given ONLY the MMR vaccine at the well visit?
      they are given a few at a time.
      is to review medical records of completely unvaccinated children (there are plenty of them so there is no moral or ethical issue here) and see how many have autism.
      if you get 100,000 records of unvaxxed kids and 10 have autism, you have a 1 in 10,000 having autism
      now compare that the general population of kids who have a 1 in 50 occurrence of autism (depending on the state)
      not sure what the national rate is but it might be 1 in 85 in which case there is a CLEAR difference in vaccinated kids and unvaccinated kids.
      this should be fairly easy to do and cheaper that the convoluted denmark study which was designed in a way that wouldn’t show anything.
      i would be really curious to know if there is even a single unvaccinated child that has regressive autism that came on suddenly at around 12 – 15 months.
      they don’t want to do this study because they know exactly what they will find. numbers similar to what i have written which will clearly show the world the truth.

      • After looking at medical records for more than the 100000 children that you suggest I have found no indication that the rate of autism is higher amongst vaxxers. The world wide rate was a mere .00016 percent higher rate of autism in one group over the other. It may shock you that the higher rate was found by ant/non vaxxers

        • i would love to see that report. please post it.
          as far as i understand this study in Denmark was only about the MMR Vaccine.
          it did not compare fully unvaccinated children to vaccinated.
          it compared children unvaccinated with MMR to children who were vaccinated with MMR.
          i don’t believe MMR vaccine is THE cause of autism
          i think it is the combination of the many vaccines given to a susceptible child
          so no, this study shows nothing!
          i want to see a study of FULLY unvaccinated children for all vaccinations. not just unvaccinated for MMR.
          thank you

  7. It’s useless to try to argue or debate these fools.Its just so unfortunate we used to be considered a light unto the nations. Now unfortunately all these conspiracy theories and anti Vaxxers have seeped into our culture.


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