Dear Shalom Mordechai…


rubashkinBy Chaya Hirsch

Although we didn’t make it to Sioux Falls, we were with Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin in spirit. As the trial comes to a close, lets foil the prosecution with ruchniyus. Please say Tehillim 20, 22, 26, 69, 121, and 130 as the jury deliberates today.

Dear Shalom Mordechai & the wonderful Rubashkin family,

Many years ago on a cold dark blistery Russian night, czarist officers arrested a Yid to be hung. They felt he had done something wrong, and they were also in the mood of a good show.

His friend, a teacher, heard the devastating news and was very distressed. He hurried to the town square to try and save him.

Running breathlessly to the podium, he saw the ropes about to tighten around his friend’s neck, amidst the cheering of the crowd.

Before anyone could stop him, he quietly slipped the rope off his friend, gently placing it around his own neck to spare his friend from death.

Shalom Mordechai, we know you are going through such a stressful court case.

From the little news that leaks out of the courthouse, we realize the extent of the animosity shown by the prosecution, and the anti-Semitism that you face.

We are inspired by you and your family’s unwavering emunah and bitachon in Hashem. We want you to know that we care. We are your brothers and your pain is our pain.

We are all one family. Although we didn’t make it to Sioux Falls to give you chizuk in this trying time, we were with you in spirit, in our thoughts, and, most of all, in our tefillos.

The trial has come to an end and the prosecutor and the defense have presented final arguments. The judge has handed the case to the jury.

Following the mass text messages and emails that have been sent out, we’d like to hereby “take the rope” in your court case by taking upon ourselves individual hachlatos in the merit of your victory.

Lets foil the prosecution with adding in ruchniyus: learn Torah, give tzedakah and say Tehillim for Shalom Mordechai Halevi ben Rivkah. (Some in Postville are fasting.)

This will surely make a big tumult in Shomayim, begging Hashem and the Bais Din Shel Ma’alah to continue to send you nissim gluyim. In the merit of our achdus and sincere hachlatos, may Hashem free us all from the bitter ropes of golus and send Moshiach bekarov.

Your Extended Klal Yisroel Family

 Please continue to daven for Shalom Mordechai Halevi ben Rivkah.

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  1. No, Dag. This is very appropriate. Do you really believe that just because we are in the big USA we are immune to bigotry and anti-semitism. We well remember that Germany was once considered a country of civility. And we all know about the Dreyfuss case. Oh, and don’t forget the riots in Crown Heights not so long ago.

    Stop hiding your head in the sand and wake up. What is happening with SMR can happen to anyone even you, c”V.

    Please pray for Sholom Mordechai Halevi ben Rivka.

  2. This isn’t Nazi Germany. The good people of Sioux Falls (and the U.S. Attorney’s office) are not Nazis. They aren’t Czarists, witchhunters, bigots, or antisemites, either. And they aren’t stupid. This case will be decided on the facts, no matter how the verdict comes out.

  3. Nebach on Yidden that look and talk that way about a fellow yid.You are bringing a strong dose of middos Hadin on yourselves.May those that curse be cursed!


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