Deadline for A Jewish Star Auditions This Tuesday


jewish-starAn all new Season Two of “A Jewish Star” – the world’s first Jewish music singing competition – was launched last motnh with many seeing the contest as the next obvious step in the recent evolution of the Jewish music industry.

Career musicians and music enthusiasts from around the U.S., Canada, South America, Israel, Europe and even former Soviet countries like Azerbaijan were captivated last year by the possibility of discovering the world’s next singing sensation.

“I think it’s amazing that you are giving young people a chance to connect to Torah and Jewish music,” the legendary composer Yossi Green gushed about Season 1, which attracted over 50 auditions and 61,893 votes cast online.

The winner was Binyamin Moshe, a Brooklyn yeshiva student, who recently had his self-composed single “Romemu” recorded and produced by famed music producer Ruli Ezrachi and with music by the renowned Freilach Orchestra.

Semi-finalists Avraham Ohayon and Shuki Sadon were in high demand as entertainers ever since they made it to the finals and performed live at the show.

A number of other contenders also found fame after entering the competition, some of whom are now household names.

With Season Two beginning, and a parallel A Jewish Star Juniors race being added to the contest for boys ages 8 – 14, the anticipation is skyrocketing. Who will audition this round, who will be the public’s favorite and what will the judges say?

The deadline for auditions is Dec 21, 2010. Finalists will perform at a live show on February 20th in Brooklyn, New York.

A Jewish Star was created and is executive produced by Mica Soffer, owner and publisher of Community News Service and Yossi Soffer, owner of Unique Image Advertising. Yehuda Ceitlin is the creative director.

Jewish music singer Avraham Fried, who has been inspiring audiences for the last 30 years, will once again assume the mantle of a judge on A Jewish Star, contributing his insights as he did in Season 1.

Joining him once again will be comic Mendy Pellin, who admits he has “zero knowledge in music” but is well versed in the entertainment business.

A new addition to Season Two’s judges panel is Eli Gerstner.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. A Jewish Star auditions have one major drawback. The judges tell the singer how well or poorly they performed. Doing this in public with a large audience may embarrass the contenders and we all know the Chazal that whoever embarasses someone in public loses their World-to-Come. Of course, those who put on “American Idol” aren’t concerned with such matters. It only makes for better ratings. Klal Yisroel, will you ever learn?

  2. Its not enough that we have to dress like the goyim, we now have to imitate their TV shows in the name of Judasim. This is disgusting. Shame on all you promoters of this filth with Matzav at the top. You bunch of fakers

  3. is this realy what frum jews should be spending there time in while the wold is in great necessity of more torah and tfilla how is this helping to bring the geula closer.

  4. I watched last year’s show & have to admit it’s in very poor taste, especially the public viewing & criticism of the various participants, it’s just not our style.

  5. I cant believe what I’m reading above. Do we not realize what a tremendous outlet this can be? This is giving a chance to people with musical talent to be able to express it in a beautiful way!

    Music is one of the strongest ways for individuals to express themselves, especially those who fail at most other expressive channels.

    There is enough sadness and despair in this golus, must we criticize something so helpful?

  6. To: Amazed

    What you write is all very valid indeed, I don’t have a problem with the idea itself, but the part that is troubling is the public screening and rejection process, it is posted online for all to watch.

  7. everyone is right but lets imagine this: You are a middle aged or young married man and struggling with parnosah. You have a good voice and you believe that by entering in this contest you might be able to earn some money and make a better life for yourself, do you blame him? will you give him the livelihood he yearns?


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