Deadliest Fire In California’s History Is 100% Contained


The deadliest and most destructive blaze in California’s history has finally been contained, more than two weeks after it began, officials said Sunday.

The Camp Fire — named for Camp Creek Road in parched Butte County, where it erupted on Nov. 8 — spread rapidly and consumed some 240 square miles in Northern California, including nearly all of the city of Paradise in a day.


At the height of that blaze, 250,000 people fled their homes and 85 people were killed, with 249 still unaccounted for. The acreage destroyed is roughly equal to an area the size of Chicago.


Read more at NY POST.



  1. They still haven’t responded how is it that houses were burned down in this wildfire but trees, grass and pavement surrounding the houses were completely untouched and in some areas cars were burned out and trees surrounding it not even touched – according to photos?

      • Typical vaxxer sheeple response. Surprised you didn’t mention conspiracy, tinfoil, nibiru and other nonsensical reply. This article that Matzav posted today describes you guys perfectly. “Psychologists Discover Deluded People And Fundamentalists More Likely To Believe Fake News”
        Has anyone ever come across an intelligent response from the sheeple? If yes, where and when?


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