De Blasio’s Official Car Flies Through Red Light


Mayor de Blasio proved on Monday that the most dangerous place in New York City is between him and a TV camera — especially if you’re a motorist, the NY Post reports.

De Blasio — who likes to tout his Vision Zero traffic-safety crackdown — showed zero vision for the safety of drivers on Staten Island when his official car’s lights were used to blow through a red light at an intersection to arrive more quickly to a 2 p.m. press conference.

The mayor’s two-vehicle caravan became a road menace when it suddenly crossed a double-yellow line, drove on the wrong side of Arden Avenue and raced through the red light at Forest Green. It all happened in full view of a van carrying reporters to the event — a public talk on Lyme disease at Blue Heron Park.

The Post points out that the rush came as de Blasio has been drubbing opponents of a plan to extend the placement of speed cameras around some public and private schools.



  1. Thankfully Gavin Cato wasn’t in that intersection lest we have repetitive riots, only this time within the deBlasio family there’ll be feuding sides!

  2. What’s the shock?
    Do as I say, not as I do.
    The Mayor is a despicable human being.
    The citizens of New York City deserve better. The problem is, their hatred for Republicans outweighs their logic in getting rid of the rotten within their own. If we get rid of or change Mayors, that somehow is a form of capitulation and would appear as a “victory” for the Republican opposition, even though they have a zero chance of ever getting that position again. Hatred skewers logic.

  3. well he crossed the border illegally and supports others doing the same, remember only Trump can break the law, because he is not progressive.


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