De Blasio On 2020 Bid: ‘I Never Rule Things Out’


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) on Sunday said he is “focused on the job I have” but “never” rules out the possibility of running for president.

“You never know what life brings,” de Blasio told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“There’s a lot of good candidates” for the Democratic nominee in 2020, he added. “There’s not a consensus yet in our party. There is still, I think, a lack of recognition that if you have tens of millions of people hurt, we’re not speaking to them. Donald Trump spoke to them.”


De Blasio said that regardless of whether he runs for the 2020 nomination, he wants to push the party to be bolder.

“We could go a lot farther. We could be a lot bolder than what we’re doing,” he said.


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  1. DeBlasio is a good Mayor but won’t be the optimal President. The experience I received from my Parents makes me the best candidate that’s willing to roll up my sleeves and take our Country back. Vote for me.

    • What about him is a good mayor. He is terrible. The city is filthy again. His accomplishment is making NYC filthy again. He has caused all traffic to grind to a halt. He is soft and complacent on crime and did not stand up for the NYPD. He is now spreading health insurance to all illegals. That’s your money you are paying your taxes with. What a massive disaster.

  2. De Blasio: There’s plenty of money in NYC – it’s just in the wrong hands and should be redistributed.

    How in the world did this socialist / communist ever get elected as mayor? And he dreams of running in 2020????

  3. He doesn’t have to rule it out. His ineptitude and the fact that almost no one wants him to be president rule it out for him.

    • You’re a racist. You’re only saying these hurtful things because his wife is an African-American. You should be charged with a hate crime.

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