De Blasio: NYC Will Resist Trump’s Plans


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said his city will resist some plans proposed by a Donald Trump administration, the Daily Beast reports.

The city’s database, for example, containing the identity of undocumented immigrants living in the area will not be open to Trump without a “real fight,” de Blasio said Thursday. If necessary, the file, which contains information on more than 850,000 New Yorkers, could be entirely deleted. Currently, the personal data on those forms is encrypted and unavailable to federal law enforcement without permission.

If President-elect Trump follows through on his campaign promises to deport undocumented immigrants, restrict abortion, and expand stop-and-frisk, de Blasio said the city will fight him. “We’re not going to take anything lying down. I think that’s the central point,” said de Blasio. “Anything we see as a threat to New Yorkers we’re going to confront.” Read more at the Daily Beast.



  1. Why bother quoting anything from this lazy good for nothing, one term Mayor? He is a total incompetent loser. He cant even get along with the Democrat Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

  2. There is a term to describe what De Blasio is doing. It is called obstruction of justice, and he should be prosecuted for this. Hopefully Trump will have the guts to end the practice of the liberal establishment being above the law. If RICO statutes could be used to break up the mob, then it can be used to break up the conspiracy of bureaucrats and crony capitalists.

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